Bad as Hell

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your words kissed the skin of my soul
bathing me in the smile of the moment
drunk in a dream with wetly warmly lips
enough to waltz on your river’s channel 
with an echo of my heart’s acolyte, love
just as y’know my name, — bad as hell

in my mind’s clouds, your lips bite gently
the murmur of my touches full of desire
with the prayers of the nested caresses
in painted splendor by your astral gaze
to feel you to feel me not more not less
but to make your body move
✓✍🏻 ;₎₎
un p’tit je ne sais quoi ​© coco

Friday Pilots Club ♪
Model Citizen ♪

3 thoughts on “Bad as Hell

  1. Beautiful, beautiful words dear Coco. You make me believe. Maybe love can be, maybe love is true. You words, like ambrosia wine with the midnight moon above.

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      1. Maybe three fingers of tequila for love. One finger of tequila to thank the moon for having love near. The second finger of tequila for the stars to make us believe. Love is everything. The third finger of tequila for us to taste love kiss and always be brave in love. You are welcome dear Coco. And good evening from Michigan.

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