Sleepless nights…

your words kissed the skin of my soul
it bathed me in the squat of a moment
drunk in a dream with wetly warmly lips
enough to waltz on your river’s channel
😍 thank you, John, for this beauty😘💕


Sleepless nights…

You and me, me and you. We love the Jazzy songs, slow dancing bare-ass for the midnight moon and making love till noon. You are my coffee mornings, my Lone Islands nights. Did I tell you. You are my reason to be alive. I left a note for you upon the kitchen table dear Coco.

“My lovely Coco

My eloquence lady, my gypsy lady, my wild flower. I adore you with all my heart. When you are far away. Your distance kiss I cannot forget. You are my sacred love, my eternal wish to be with. When you are near, the sleepless nights I need with you. Thank you my kind and beautiful lady. I will see you at six and please put on your dancing shoes. Today we will find song and a dance hall.     Love you Johnnie.” 

She read the note and she smiled. She find…

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