I don’t know what it is but I love it


Bizarre because the artists hypnotize me with their voice and instruments.
Bizarre because while they coddle their own instruments, they’re taking care
to beautify me and to paint me harmonious with their music using
magical powers of pure words, while simultaneously, they’re telling
their own story inspiring me to create un p’tit je ne sais quoi ©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ
Bizarre because music, like any art, affect the way you feel or I feel.
Bizarre because it creates and it induces certain emotions.
Bizarre because no matter what I’m doing or you’re doing, we’re gonna make time
to take a look at everything that makes you or makes me happy, while music
will amplify the tastes, the colors, compositions and shapes.
Bizarre because music is the diacritic mark for everything in anything
and because depends on music for the way my story or your story it’s gonna sound…
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I Don’t Know What It Is but I Love It Chris Rea

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