couleur menthe à l’eau

I sip from the moon, from the sin and
diaphanous hours that’s flowing, with
a bit of happiness amid me and you.
I sip from the night that twists between
my soul and yours, to rip a bit of sunrise,
enough for creating another story that
brings us together for the umpteenth time.
Consider me guilty, blame me of writing
these epistles, but my longing for you
is analgesic, it’s the amphetamine which
turns the dark in something translucent
teaching me to crawl among and towards
the light for letting you dream inside me and
me to listen to your already known syllables
showing to you that you’ve been my chosen,
one nuanced in a couleur menthe à l’eau
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

Isaac Delusion