ah bah d’accord

hé, une tasse d’amour, s’il te plait,
mais pas de sucre, pas de crème
pas de jalousie, pas de reproches,
pas de perfidie, pas de méli-mélo,
je t’aime•moi non plusdaddy cool
………………………..ah bah d’accord

Brian Molko & Asia Argento │ Placebo│ Juniore

all night long

You should know by now,
when thousands of thoughts
are floating in my mind,
there’s not any occult thought.
So, please, leave any ammunition
at the entry of my agnostic soul.
I already metamorphosed you
into that entity called, — friend
celebrating you in each day. Also,
I spoiled you with a pseudonym
full of romance wrapped
in the color, which you know
I like it much too much. Therefore
no matter where you are absent,
you’re present in me, for you let
coming down slow a blueprint
all night long as in each day
for me the out of nowhere girl.

©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi
Rachel Alice Johnson │ Ménage à Trois │ Luke Bryan

banned love

Lena Sotskova 🎨​​​​​​​ theme, — amoureux
he remarked her hair hugged by the sun,
her skin stained by the stars sanctified
in the scent of the queen-of-the-night;
it made him stopped and to look at her
fluidizing his mind to be intercepted
in the fairy essences of her body and
insatiable to explore her inner mirage;
the whispers of his hurricane soul got
exteriorized pushing him to see her
that she hasn’t sinned than in her dream,
a dream of a banned love, — annulated

©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ — un-p’tit-je-ne-sais-quoi

Stu Larsen │ Hibai

don’t know much about Love

Time To Get Up by Monika Luniak

Did you wake up before me to watch my nude, winding
through the bed linen and playing itself with soft lights
and shadows, gallantly offered by a semi-open window?
Would you like to see me opening myself in front of you
exactly like a flower dreaming at a summer rain while
you, with your lips, will make with an extreme pleasure
circles of petals on my skin for offering to me frissons?
But are you the bumble-bee what’s using its needle to get
in my open corolla bringing the butterflies in my stomach
for making my body to take the shape of a harp
perfectly harmonized with the creak of the bedstead?
Could be all these just an aroma of some memories
when each murmur of mine got lifted up by your spirit
to be scented and sweeten with many whispers of love
for fulfilling our photosynthesis? — Explain to me.
Even if seems bizarre, I don’t know much about Love.
good woman, believe me, I love you times infinity,
I could be anything, my Love, an innocent touch
for which you would have to lose your mind

Hanne Boel │ Jade Bird │ Elliot Berger & Laura Brehm
The Dears │ Ray Manzarek │Ria Mae
I am Waiting for You Last Summer │The Barr Brothers