love and glory

walking through the paths of the dreams,
the reality of the right now, it melts into a magic joy
costumed in the splendid power of stellar dust
fine pigmented with the stolen moments out of a poem
identifying my soul as being a medicament, an appetizer,
the scent of a color, even a suffer for lust, a sweet sound
comparable with the hymn of the fantasies…
walking through the paths of the dreams,
a touch of the sun dawn, and of the moonbeam, with
the mysterious realm of the night, and the grandeur of the day
offered to my spirit the gifted tone of a key directed
by the mystic air of a drunken smile unable to give nothing else
except, appreciation hid in a tiny story about love and glory
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi
Billy Idol

laughter is good 😜

 She’s 18. He’s 30. They were alone. 

She knew what he’ll do now. 
He slightly bent over her. 
She began to tremble all over. 
I’m scared, she whispered. 
Don’t be, he said. 
Then he extracted the tooth… 

laughter is good 😜

~ Doctor, I don’t feel well, in fact,
I don’t know what I have. When I’m walking,
I feel a kind of pain don’t know where it is,
but goes away suddenly, without knowing why…

– Okay, let me give you a prescription for,
said, doctor. So, take a… don’t know
what medicament for don’t know how long
and don’t know how many per day, and
you gonna feel much better, don’t know when…