trouble over me

specifies how could be described a moment
when someone’s listening to somebody else
sighing, groaning, murmuring of pleasure
while body gesticulates seductive guilty joys
because each ingredient tasted was touched
with love and charming passion along of that
glance… for the appetite of that something?
[trouble over me]
Tift Merritt

Deepak Chopra

❝ This is true, my love
that the lightning flashes in the light of your eyes
makes the clouds in my heart explode and blaze
This is true, my love
that your sweet lips are red as a blushing bride
This is true, my love
that the tree of paradise flowers within you
that your footsteps beat to the rhythm of my soul
the night sheds drops of dew at your sight
that the morning surrounds you with light from delight
that the touch of your hot breath intoxicates my soul
This is true, my love
that daylight hides in the dark of your hair
that your voice makes the world fall silent to hear your song
and that the universe is nothing but your lovemaking.
This is true, my love….

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