Porcelain Raft

❝ Heavy wave’s rushing in
carried higher by the wind
she looked down, she could feel
her feet troubling as the mountain stood still
Without looking, I can see
colors coming out, from your skin
the Moon is sinking under the sea
that’s what I see when I see you
It’s the way you talk to yourself
that makes you different from all the rest
and all the monsters deep down in the ocean
tonight are coming up to hear you sing ❞

watching you

don’t let me sleep but let me dream
just a little bit more, —
caress me to wake me up… —
use that tiny tricky lure of yours… —
that bittersweet black fine aroma
wrapped into a velvety steam
touched… with the savor of love, —
my lips will moan with pleasure
while with a kitty eye
I’ll be watching you… — cheered up…

Robert Plant 🎈🎤

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