peace and lovin’

William Wegman
Anybody can tear you down for any reason
and in unexpected ways by using their own
inures, — treading you in their feet, and in
the plenitude of your beautiful mind and soul,
(a.s.o), just because they miss the capability
of joining in sharing something correctly.
Their action is similarly of an invalid, only for
making others look as if they can never be
loved while the truth is they’re nothing else
than pretenders, Pharisees hid behind masks
for creating at least a feud between one to
another, and most, for their own amusement.
Not for nothing, you’ll be blamed for anything
you do just to feel shy in all your behavior.
[Think…] But life follows its own path, while
they’re caught in unnecessary spots and facts
losing extraordinary moments out of this

wonderful world. Music peace and lovin‘ to all.

[LYONE] Jackie Faraoui

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