Loudon Wainwright III │ laughter is good

❝ Let’s talk about sex…
She was trying to get him to talk to her
While they were doing the deed…
He said “Baby I’m the strong and the silent type”
She said “That’s not what I need”
“Please do not speak softly, ” she said
“When carrying your stick”
He said “Actions can speak louder”
She said “It doesn’t do the trick”
She was all over him in the A.M.
He said “Baby you don’t understand
Just about once a night I’m alright,
But I’m not much of a morning man.
I’m not quite awake yet, he said,
I could use a cup”
She said “How about a loving spoonful darling?
That might get you up”
The other night she was biting him,
While they were doing it in the dark
He said, “What are you some kind of vampire baby?”
She said “I just love to leave my mark”
And then he said, “Maybe it’s a tendency”
And then she said, “I hope it’s just a phase”
You can’t be too careful people
With these diseases these days.
She was trying to get him to spank her
She said “It feels so fine”
He said “I’m not that kind of man baby
That’s where I draw the line”
Then she said “You can draw the line… there
You can draw a circle, draw a square.
I don’t mind a parallelogram, darling
Just put your pencil there!
I don’t mind a rhomboid, darling,
Just put your pencil there!” ❞